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Table of Contents
  1. Description
  2. Installation and Compatibility
  3. FAQ
  4. Reporting Bugs
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Credits
  7. Legality
  8. Change Log

This readme has details on how to install and use SUM.

It also contains general FAQ and Troubleshooting for all SkyProc patcher programs.

What is SUM?

SUM is a manager program to help streamline the use of multiple SkyProc patchers.
Instead of manually patching each mod you have, just run SUM once.

  1. SUM handles the tediousness and correct protocols of running SkyProc patchers, especially when multiple patches are involved.
  2. Primary method for setting alternate language preferences for SkyProc patchers.
  3. Allows you to designate allocated memory for all your SkyProc patchers.
  4. (Experimental) SUM will merge all your SkyProc patches into one esp file.

The end result is a quick and easy repatch whenever you've added or removed other mods or patchers.

What is SkyProc?

As a user, you do not need to download or use SkyProc directly. Just go download some SkyProc -patchers- by mod authors, and then use SUM to run them.

SkyProc is a Java library used by modders to create patcher programs. They use the programs to do specific tasks and make custom patches for you.

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  • Java 7
  • Some fantastic SkyProc patchers

Installation Process

  1. Extract or Install via Mod Manager
    Either manually merge the "Data/" folder from the zip into your "Skyim/Data/" folder, or use a mod manager program.

    If you are using a lesser known mod manager program, just confirm that all the files were successfully extracted from the .zip.

  2. Update your Java
    Just to make sure everything runs okay, update Java to the newest version.

    SkyProc programs require Java 7. (Link)

  3. Double check that Java associations are correct.
    Sometimes .jar files get associated with other programs like the "Java(TM) Web Start Launcher", or Unzipper programs (especially if you've played Minecraft).

    These startup programs are not correct.

    You want .jar files to open with "Java(TM) Platform SE binary".

    You can fix this by using the JarFix tool, or

    You can fix this manually by right clicking the "Data/SkyProc Patchers/SUM/SUM.jar" file and clicking "Opens With:", and then selecting "Java(TM) Platform SE binary".

  4. Download and Install Some SkyProc patchers
    SUM does nothing by itself, so go get yourself some patchers.

  5. Download BOSS so SUM can use it. Adjust load order as desired.
    SUM uses BOSS to know which order to run the patchers. It is highly recommended you download it.

    Be aware that shuffling the order of SkyProc patchers has the possibility of screwing up savegames that were played on the old ordering. It is highly recommended that once you pick a patcher order, you stick with it.

    When downloading BOSS and running SUM, double check that BOSS order matches the order you've been patching manually up until now. If it doesn't, you may want to adjust BOSS so that it matches.
    If you need to adjust patching order away from BOSS's default settings, use BUM.

  6. Use the SUM.jar file to run the Application
    The patcher is located in "Data/SkyProc Patchers/SUM/SUM.jar"

    SUM will then look in your SkyProc Patchers for compatible patchers that you have installed.
    You should see a list of your installed SkyProc patchers once SUM starts up.

    Tweak any settings, and then press patch!

    You do not need to run the individual patchers themselves. SUM's job is to do that for you.

    If you're having issues getting SUM to start up,
    The most common reason is Windows Permission issues.
    There is a great article covering how to deal with windows permission issues if you encounter them.

    Otherwise check out the whole troubleshooting area for other solutions.

  7. Repatch your SkyProc patches when you add/update/remove/shuffle mods
    If you add or remove any mods, you must rerun SUM to update your custom patches.

    You can do this simply by opening up the SUM program, and then patching again. The patcher will check your setup and determine if a new patch is needed; It may decide you do not need a patch and just close.

    If you want to force fresh patches for any reason, you can force the patch by clicking the checkbox at the top right.

Language Support

SUM is the main method of setting your desired language for SkyProc patchers.
Simply pick your desired language in the settings area.

Uninstallation Process

To uninstall SUM:
  1. Remove the "SUM/" folder from "SkyProc Patchers/" folder.

Compatibility With SkyProc Patchers

Very old SkyProc patchers (released before SUM) may not be compatible with SUM. If a patcher does not show up on SUM's list, this is most likely the case. In order to make them compatible, the mod author needs to rebuild their patcher with the most recent SkyProc.

You can always use the old fashioned multiple SkyProc patching protocol to deal with the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I handle a Bashed Patch with SUM?

To create or update a Bashed Patch:

  1. Make sure the Bashed Patch is before any SkyProc mod in your load order.
  2. Rebuild the Bashed Patch, making sure it didn't process any SkyProc mods. It shouldn't if it comes before them in your load order.
  3. Run SUM so your SkyProc patchers so they can see the new Bashed Patch data.
Not doing this procedure correctly could lead to circular masters, and you'll get a CTD when starting up Skyrim.

How do I stop SkyProc from running BOSS and screwing up my load order?

First off, why is SkyProc running BOSS?
Because it is important to establish a load order and keep it consistent between patches. Shifting the order of SkyProc patches has the potential to create missing references in existing savegames. Running BOSS every time helps establish an inital correct load order the first time you run a patcher, and keep it in the same order for the following patches.

If BOSS is messing up your load order because it is putting unrecognized plugins at the end, you can easily deal with this by modifying BOSS to sort those plugins in the correct spot. BUM is a good tool for doing this.

If that is not an option, then use SUM to run your SkyProc patchers, and turn the BOSS option to off.

If using SUM is not an option, you can set up a bat file to run your SkyProc patcher, and use a "-NOBOSS" argument.

Setting up a bat file to start the program, or give it special instructions.

Some versions of the Java installer don't modify the correct registries for the default bat file to work properly. A more direct/customized approach is needed.

  1. Create a bat file. Make a text file and rename the file extension to ".bat".

  2. Add the following to it:

    start C:\"Program Files"\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe -jar "[THE JAR NAME]"

    Where the path is customized/directed to wherever your javaw.exe is located. This is usually in the path setup shown above.

    Any directories with spaces need to be enclosed in quotation marks, as above. Putting the full path in speech marks / quotation marks does not work.

  3. Put it alongside the jar application and then double click the bat file.

Do I need to erase my existing patches when installing SUM?

Nope! Just install SUM and run it. Each patcher will overwrite their old patches just like normal.

How do I block a mod from being imported into SUM?

Sometimes you don't want a specific mod imported into your SkyProc patchers, for whatever reason.
You can achieve this easily by simply adding it to the blocklist found in:

My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/SkyProc/SUM Mod Blocklist.txt

NOTE: This will block the mod for ALL patchers. If you want to block the mod for a single patcher, add it to that patchers blocklist instead:

Data/SkyProc Patchers/[The Patcher]/Files/Blocklist.txt

If you're blocking a mod because you found that it broke a patcher, please notify the mod author involved so it can be fixed, rather than just avoided. Thanks!

Why doesn't SkyProc mod _____ show up in SUM?

Most likely this means it's an older SkyProc mod that was created before SUM came out. Poke the author and make them update their patcher to the latest standards.

You can check the debug logs to find out for sure that SUM saw the patcher, but skipped it:
Data/SkyProc Patchers/SUM/SkyProcDebug/Jar Hooking.txt

Authors: as always, contact Leviathan1753 if you need any tips or guides on how to update.

How do I handle multiple SkyProc mods if I don't want to use SUM, or a patcher is incompatible?

To start off, you can treat all SkyProc patchers that are run/managed by SUM as a single patcher for the purposes of this guide.

The central important idea is that no SkyProc mods that come AFTER the one you are running should be active.

There is a "protocol" you need to follow to get a proper repatch.
  1. Disable all your SkyProc mod esp files.
  2. Run the first SkyProc patcher.
  3. Enable that SkyProc patcher's .esp file.
  4. Run the second patcher, then activate it's esp, and repeat for all patchers you have.

This will make sure that no SkyProc mod that comes AFTER the one you are running is active and gets imported.

If you don't follow this procedure, you'll most likely end up with circular masters, and you'll get a CTD when starting up Skyrim.

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Reporting Bugs

I need and love your bug reports.
It is my goal to make SUM the best it can be, and to do so I need your feedback!
If you have an issue, please contact me so we can get it straightened out.

That being said, most issues will have to do with one of the patchers you're running, rather than with SUM itself. You will have to take those issues to the mod authors themselves.

If you have found a bug with SUM itself, please submit a bug report and get into contact with me.

To submit a bug report
  1. Please zip up the "SkyProc Debug/" folder after triggering the issue.
  2. Send it to Afterimage1753@gmail.com, describing the context and issue encountered.
    If you've made a post, please include your username so I can associate the two.

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This is a general troubleshooting area for all SkyProc patchers, not just SUM.

The SkyProc Application isn't running properly:
Wacky error messages, or empty patches.

This issue can be from a few sources.
This is a running list of things that could be causing issues for you:
  • Your Java is out of date. Make sure you have Java 7.

    Try updating your Java. Make sure you install the correct 32/64 bit version.

  • You have the wrong version (32/64 bit) of Java installed. Users who install the wrong version typically don't export right, and/or the application never exits during the export.

    Confirm you have the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version of Java installed.

  • You have .jar files associated with something besides Java.
    Some people have .jar files associated with WinRar or other programs besides Java.

    It has been reported that you have to change the default association back to Java; Simply doing "Open With..." without setting Java as the default is not good enough.

    Optionally you can use the JarFix tool to restore your Java setup the way it should be.

  • Windows isn't giving the patcher permission. This is a common issue that people run into.

    Here are some options to try. Try any or all:

    • Select the Skyrim folder, right-click, and select properties. You go to security, and click on the edit permissions button. Make sure to allow ANYONE to do everything with the folder. (Obviously, you'll need an admin-account to do so). The system will set the properties of the entire folder accordingly.
    • Move your Skyrim installation out of Program Files. Many modders move Skyrim out of Program Files because Windows puts especially strict protection protocols on that folder, and moving it out just simplifies your life.

      This is actually quite easy with Steam Mover.
    • Take ownership. Thanks R4444KKON

  • You're a non-English user and need to tweak some more stuff.

    First, try setting the Language in the Other Settings panel to match your Skyrim language.

    If this doesnt work, or if it doesn't open in the first place, try this tip from niennasill:

    "Non-english windows users must be change their (windows) format, location, region and display language to English before executing [the patcher]...

    To do this they must be download english language pack ( like 50 / 100 mb ) from windows update."

  • There is an exclaimation mark (!) in your folder path to Skyrim. People have reported this causing issues.

  • The registries in your Windows system don't have Java as the default "runtime environment", but rather a strange web version of Java.

    You can easily tell this is the case if when you open the patcher application, a window that says "Java" pops up, and it looks like it's loading up the application. When the patcher is working properly, you should NOT see a Java loading window, but rather, the application should open immediately to the user interface.

    1. You need "Admin" rights to manually edit the Win7 registry.
    2. Run regedit program via the Windows "Start" menu, type regedit in the run window there.
    3. In the left-hand pane, go down to this subdirectory of the regedit file: Computer ==> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ==> Applications ==> javaw.exe ==> shell ==> open ==> command
    4. In the right-hand pane, right-click on "Name" and choose "change" or "edit". A little window pops open.
    5. On the lower line for the Value, delete anything AFTER the ...bin\ and put this instead:

      javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %*

      You can copy-paste this line. Make sure it is written exactly as above, with the quotes and everything. Afterwards the new value should read something like this:

      "C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %*

      This assumes that you have the Java JRE installed in C:\Program Files(x86)\...

    Thanks to Tommy_H for the fix!

    Original Link (in german):

Otherwise, please submit a report to me.

Patching is running exceptionally slow.
Depending on your mod setup and your patchers, there might just be a lot to do. With a slow computer this can take a while sometimes.

A possible cause is that the program doesn't have enough memory. Try bumping it up in SUM and seeing if it runs better. If you make it too high, though, Windows may reject the program's request for the memory. In that case you'll have to bump it back down.

If you're convinced it's exceptionally long, or that it takes way too much memory, feel free to contact the mod author and give him your results.

"Missing Masters" error.
This happens when a mod references another mod that is either missing, or loaded after it in the load order.

Every mod that is referenced in your load order must:
1) Exist in your load order
2) Be loaded before all mods that reference it
3) Not be skipped by SkyProc due to an error (you can check logs or submit a report if you think this is the case)

If one of those isn't true, a missing master error will occur.

The most common reason this occurs is that BOSS was executed and it placed unrecognized mods at the end of the load order. Read this article about BOSS sorting and how to handle that.

The program tries to run BOSS, but it isn't working.
Try re-installing BOSS using its installer exe. This should put it into the Windows registries for SkyProc to find.

If it continues to fail, send in a debug report, or turn BOSS off using SUM and run BOSS manually before patching.

Duplicate FormIDs or EDIDs
SkyProc comes with a consistency system that makes sure the same records get the same formIDs every time you create a patch. Older consistency systems had the possibility of allowing duplicate formIDs (two records with the same formID), which shouldn't happen.

The only way to get rid of this error is to wipe your consistency file. This comes with a WARNING, as all information of what record had what formID will be lost, which may or may not throw your savegame off.
It is highly recommended to make a backup of your savegame and consistency file.

  1. Upgrade to the newest version of the patcher, and try to confirm with the author that it has been upgraded to the v3 system. (May 2013 SkyProc release)
  2. It is recommended you load your current savegame with the problem patcher deactivated, and save a new "clean" version.
  3. Navigate to "My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/SkyProc"
  4. Back up all consistency files
  5. Remove the consistency files for version 1 + 2.
  6. Delete the consistency file for version 3, ONLY for the problem patcher, if present.
  7. Run the patcher. This will force it to assign new formIDs using only the new consistency system (assuming your patcher has been upgraded to the v3 system). There shouldn't be any more duplicate formid errors.
  8. Place back the old v1 and v2 consistency files if you are running other older skyproc patchers. They will need those files. The v3 patcher won't refer to these files anymore now that you have run it fresh.

If you continue to get duplicate formID errors with the v3 consistency system, please send in a debug report.

You get a Crash when opening Skyrim

This could be due to one of a few common issues:

  1. Your load order is wrong. Install BOSS and use it. SUM will use BOSS by default if it's installed.
  2. You have "circular masters".
    This occurs when two mods both have each other marked as masters, and so they both require the other to be loaded first, which is impossible because it's circular. Skyrim doesn't know what to do at that point and crashes.

    You probably didn't follow protocol when dealing with a Bashed Patch.

  3. A patch did not generate correctly and it is unreadable by Skyrim. Try disabling patchers and locating which is causing the issue, then contact that author.

"Could not find the main class: ..." Error

This is most likely due to either not having Java 7 installed (you might think you do, but you have Java 6 instead), or you might have both Java 6 and 7 installed and your computer is not opening the program with Java 7.


  1. Uninstall Java 6
  2. Install Java 7
  3. If the above doesn't work and you have Java 7, you can try this helper program or set up a .bat file.

A patcher is running slowly while importing or creating a patch for a large mod setup.

This might be due to it running out of memory. This causes massive slowdowns when the program hits its memory limit

Allocate more memory in the Other Settings panel

Your .esp was created, but the CK/Tes5Edit are having trouble with the .esp, or are showing the .esp has errors!

This is either due to the SkyProc mod author making code that generated a patch with that error, or SkyProc itself may need updating. (It's always expanding and being updated)

First, contact the mod author and see what they say. Have them contact me if they believe SkyProc internals need updating.

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  • Tes5edit for cross referencing SkyProc definitions.
  • Tes4edit for being awesome enough to get me started on modding as a kid.
  • Plutoman101 for being a killer dude.
  • Netbeans and Java for being extremely easy to use and awesome.
  • All the modders who make great content for SUM to feed on, thanks! 8D

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Change Log

v1.1.0.1 (04/28/13)
  • Fixed merging with AV. Removed the "unfinished" mark for QUST records in skyproc so they could be imported and merged correctly.
v1.1 (04/28/13)
  • Fixed bug in merge patches concerning Script FormID array properties.
  • The dialog to manually find find BOSS.exe triggers more properly.
v1.0.2b (02/09/13)
  • Reupload as the 1.0.2 upload was funky.
v1.0.2 (01/16/13)
  • Now asks for you to manually find BOSS if it cannot locate it.
  • Adjusted progress bar positioning protocols.
v1.0.1 (01/13/13)
  • SUM now shows a list of blocked patchers.
  • Fixed a savefile initialization error.
v1.0 (01/12/13)
  • Initial Release

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